FLI Ambassadors are students who identify as first generation and/or low income. These students are passionate about creating a FLI community where students can relax, unwind, and build connections. Our FLI Ambassadors are excellent mentors, organize events in-person and in the virtual space, and provide helpful tips to maximize your success at Rice. They lead the efforts of planning FLI Friday events, National First Generation Week, student spotlights, and more.

Meet our 2019-2020 FLI Ambassadors, who planned, organized, and facilitated our FLI events. Thank you to Kami, Vy, Camille, Nilka, and Jim.

Nilka Montero

Nilka Montero
Year: Sophomore
College: Lovett
Major: Social Policy Analysis

Hey y'all! My name is Nilka, and I’m super excited to return as one your FLI Ambassadors this year! I’m a sophomore from Lovett studying Social Policy Analysis, originally from Orlando, Florida. I identify as both first generation and low income! I became a FLI Ambassador in order to help other students navigate and learn about the different resources that are available at Rice. It’s incredibly important for me to build up the FLI community on campus and I can’t wait to do that this year! You’ll usually find me at Fondren, the MCC, or Lovett Commons! Feel free to shoot me a DM, I’m always down to chat!

Jim Zhang

Jim Zhang
Year: Sophomore
College: Will Rice
Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Hi! My name is Jim, and I’m one of your FLI Ambassadors from Will Rice! I’m currently a sophomore studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and I identify as both a first-generation and low-income student. I chose to become an Ambassador because I know from experience how the transition to college, which is hard for everyone, can especially impact FLI students. As one of your FLI Ambassadors, I hope to better connect our local Rice community and introduce valuable resources around campus! Outside of my involvement with the SSI, you can probably find me in lab, at Coffeehouse, or playing mahjong in the Will Rice commons. Feel free to stop and say hi!


Camille Pierre-Louis
Year: Junior
College: Hanszen
Major: Political Science and Managerial Studies

Hey there! I’m Camille (aka Cami from Miami) and I’m one of your local FLI Ambassadors. I’m a junior from Hanszen College studying Political Science and Managerial Studies. I chose to be an ambassador because I want to empower other FLI students to be the best versions of themselves at Rice and beyond uninhibited by financial restraints. I want to show the FLI students all the resources we have on campus and discuss time management in case some students choose to work during their time at Rice. I tend to stay pretty busy, but if you want to find me, try the Multicultural Center in the RMC or direct message me so we can meet up!

Kami Boutotte

Kami Boutotte
Year: Freshman
College: Jones
Major: Economics and Managerial Studies

Hey y'all! I'm Kami and I'm proud to say I'm one of your FLI Ambassadors this year! I am a freshman from Jones college and I'm currently interested in Economics and Managerial Studies. I identify as both a first generation and low income student and I really hope that my experiences with this identity can help others. One goal of mine is to help FLI studetns develop and maintain personal connections in the professional world to make up for lack of opportunities otherwise. You can usually find me hanging around Jones watching movies, at Fondren studying on the third floor, or at Coffeehouse drinking Shooting Stars. Say hi anytime!


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