UNIV 110 Peer Guides

UNIV 110: Foundations for Self-Discovery and Lifelong Learning is designed to provide new students with the knowledge, tools, and resources to shape their experiences and to succeed at Rice. The course will combine classroom discussion, information from various campus departments, self-assessments and reflections, and intentional activities to allow students a safe and purposeful opportunity to discover more about themselves and the campus around them as well as establish a basis for personal growth in college and into their careers.

The course will utilize a co-instruction model, partnering a professional staff member with two upperclassmen students who will serve as Peer Guides during the semester. This team will work collaboratively, sharing responsibility for the course lessons, instruction, and student follow-up. Peer Guides will offer honest, appropriate, and meaningful examples to supplement the classroom discussions, facilitate activities and conversations in class, provide timely and honest feedback to instructors and students, and serve as an additional resource for students.

Peer Guide Duties

Peer Guides may be called upon in any or all of the following capacities:

Before the Semester
  • Complete training and pre-semester preparations with instructors
  • Promote First Year Foundations course to new students and campus departments
  • Provide input on course content including classroom discussions, guest presenters, assignments, and more
During the Semester
  • Assist instructors in building community and creating an environment that promotes openness and acceptance
  • Meet weekly with your co-instructors to plan and prepare for the upcoming week’s classes
  • Facilitate classroom activities for both small groups and entire class sessions
  • Conduct mid- and end of semester evaluations regarding the progress of the course
  • Provide appropriate and relevant examples from the perspective of an upperclassmen at Rice
  • Interact with students through various means such as out-of-class contact hours and via social media portals
After the Semester
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection, and training of future Peer Guides
  • Offer constructive feedback to improve course instruction and Peer Guide selection and development in the future

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that Peer Guides may be called upon to perform tasks or assume roles that are not specifically outlined in this description.

If you are interested in applying to be a peer guide, feel free to contact Araceli Lopez, Assistant Director of Student Success Initiatives at al14@rice.edu or 713-348-4373.

Peer Guide Testimonials

"A peer guide is a combination of both a personal and an academic/professional mentorship experience. In this position, you get to take your personal experiences and apply them in an academic setting" -Leah Topper, UNIV 110 Peer Guide Fall 2015

"I made some good friends, learned about myself, and discussed topics that are typically left out of academics" – Michael Donatti, UNIV 110 Peer Guide Fall 2015