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New Families Orientation (NFO) hosts information sessions each year to present information from key offices, departments, schools, and resources across campus. In 2021, these information sessions were presented in a virtual pre-recorded webinar format. These webinars will remain on the website for the full 2021-2022 academic term to promote access and allow you to revisit important information.

Each resource has been selected based on parents and families Frequently Asked Questions. The content of each webinar is thoughtfully developed by each respective resource, based on the information they know is most crucial to incoming students' transition and success. Each webinar aims to provide parents and families with an overview of their services, as well as contact information for your important questions and comments. While each video only provide a snapshot of the amazing work of our campus partners, we encourage you to visit their websites and learn more about their services.

To request a copy of a presentation included in the webinar, please direct these inquiries directly the respective resource. Contact information is provided in the video and outlined on their websites, included below.

If you have difficulty viewing any of the videos below, please contact

Webinars 2021

See below for a list of Information Sessions hosted by various departments, offices, and resources on campus. Please contact the respective resource for questions.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services |

Learn more about Student Health Services at Rice University. This session will introduce services offered to Rice students, discuss important updates, and introduce staff.

View powerpoint slides here:

The Office of Student Success Initiatives

The Office of Student Success Initiatives |

Learn more about how to support your student as they make the transition to college and life at Rice. This session is ideal for parents of first generation college students or families sending their first student off to college.

View information session here:

The Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid |

Learn more about the financial aid process as your students make the transition to college and life at Rice. This session is ideal for families sending their first student off to college or for those who need a refresher on the timing of the aid process. Presented by Brooke Barbieri, Associate Director.

View information session here:
View slides here:

Wellbeing and Counseling Center

Wellbeing and Counseling Center |

Wellbeing touches students in many different ways. At Rice, the Culture of Care puts the health and well-being of our students in the first priority. Our professional staff are trained to support student development and success by providing a good first point of contact to address their wellbeing and mental health concerns, such as academic stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, interpersonal relationship issues, self-identity concerns, disordered eating, and substance use. If you notice your student experiencing these concerns, it is important to empathically listen to them, validate their feelings, ask open-ended questions, and discuss the option of seeking help early on.

Please encourage your student to contact The Wellbeing and Counseling Center by calling us at (713) 348-3311 (24/7) or visiting our office at the Gibbs Wellness Center from Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. For more information, please visit our website at

Intro to the Wellbeing and Counseling Center:
View information sheet here:

Learn about the mental health and wellbeing resources available at Rice University. Presented by Dr. Tim Baumgartner, Director of Rice Counseling Center, and Agnes Ho, LMSW, Director of Student Wellbeing Office.

Student Wellbeing and Counseling at Rice:

The Office of Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising |

Join the Office of Academic Advising to learn more about the academic requirements and the community of advising here at Rice University. Presented by Corey Stork, Assistant Director of Academic Advising.

View information session here:
View flyer here:

Health Professions

Health Professions |

Join the Office of Academic Advising to learn what things your student should consider if they are interested in medical school, and what resources exist at Rice University. Presentation by John Fierst, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

View information session here:

School of Engineering

School of Engineering |

We are excited to welcome our new students and their families to the George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University. Please visit our website ( and these additional resources to learn more about the academic programs and other educational opportunities in the School of Engineering.

View information sheet one here:
View information sheet two here:

Rice Architecture

Rice Architecture |

Orientation to the Undergraduate Architecture Program with Q&A with William Ward Watkin Dean and Professor Igor Marjanović, and Reto Geiser, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor at Rice Architecture.

Rice Architecture is hosting a live Orientation Q&A Zoom session, planned for Sunday, August 15. Date and time is subject to change. For families who have follow up questions, are unable to attend, and/or would like to arrange a call, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Reto Geiser at

Shepherd School of Music

Shepherd School of Music |

Learn more information regarding the first-year requirements of music students. Presented by Geoffrey Scott, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

View information session here:

School of Humanities

School of Humanities |

These flyers offer information about the departments, centers, and programs in the School of Humanities. The final slide shows the outcomes for 2020 humanities graduates.

View flyers here:

Study Abroad

Study Abroad |

Rice Study Abroad provides substantial, transformational experiences within each undergraduate’s personal curriculum through intellectually rigorous and culturally enriching international opportunities. We provide students with high-quality academic programs in collaboration with prestigious international universities and select program providers. Rice-approved programs are distinguished by their academic focus contributing to students' curricular needs as well as cultural immersion, intensive language instruction, field studies, professional internships, and research opportunities. Learn more on Video presented by Chris Gray, Study Abroad Advisor.

View information session here:


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