NFO Information Sessions

NFO Information Sessions 2024

New Families Orientation (NFO) hosts information sessions each year to present information from key offices, departments, schools, and resources across campus. The content of each session is thoughtfully developed by each respective resource, based on the information they know is most crucial to incoming students' transition and success. The sessions aims to provide parents and families with an overview of their services, as well as contact information for your important questions and comments.

See below for a list of Information Sessions coming up at the New Families Orientation on August 18, 2024 hosted by various departments, offices, and resources on campus. An updated agenda with times and locations will be made available closer to the New Families Orientation date.

Centre for Career Development

Centre for Career Development |

Join us to learn about resources for exploring postgraduate options and employment opportunities including summer internships.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services |

Learn more about Student Health Services at Rice University. This session will introduce services offered to Rice students, discuss important updates, and introduce staff.

The Office of Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising |

Join the Office of Academic Advising to learn more about the academic requirements and the community of advising here at Rice University. This session will introduce families to the unique advising system at Rice, academic rules and regulations, and academic resources

The Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid |

Learn more about the financial aid process as your students make the transition to college and life at Rice. This session will provide a brief overview of the need-based financial aid award process at Rice.

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Wellbeing and Counseling Center

Wellbeing and Counseling Center |

Wellbeing touches students in many different ways. At Rice, the Culture of Care puts the health and well-being of our students in the first priority. Our professional staff are trained to support student development and success by providing a good first point of contact to address their wellbeing and mental health concerns, such as academic stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, interpersonal relationship issues, self-identity concerns, disordered eating, and substance use. If you notice your student experiencing these concerns, it is important to empathically listen to them, validate their feelings, ask open-ended questions, and discuss the option of seeking help early on.

This session is about the mental health and wellbeing resources available at Rice University

Study Abroad

Study Abroad |

Rice Study Abroad provides substantial, transformational experiences within each undergraduate’s personal curriculum through intellectually rigorous and culturally enriching international opportunities. We provide students with high-quality academic programs in collaboration with prestigious international universities and select program providers. Rice-approved programs are distinguished by their academic focus contributing to students' curricular needs as well as cultural immersion, intensive language instruction, field studies, professional internships, and research opportunities.

Attend this session to learn more about study abroad opportunities for your student.

Health Professions

Health Professions |

Join the Office of Academic Advising to learn what things your student should consider if they are interested in medical school, and what resources exist at Rice University.


Pre- Law |

The Office of Academic Advising will introduce families to thing to consider if your student is interested in law school and resources at Rice University to help shape their decision.

Rice Architecture

Rice Architecture |

The Rice Architecture session is an orientation to the Undergraduate Architecture Program with Q&A.

School of Engineering

School of Engineering |

We are excited to welcome our new students and their families to the George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University. This session will introduce parents to the academic programs and other educational opportunities in the School of Engineering.

School of Humanities

School of Humanities |

Learn more about the programs offered at the School of Humanities

Shepherd School of Music

Shepherd School of Music |

Learn more information regarding the first-year requirements of music students.