Our Approach

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Who are SSI advisors?

SSI advisors are academic coaches who meet with students weekly, biweekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis. SSI holistically supports and advises students. Holistic advising means that your SSI advisor is considering all the factors that impact your success as a student, including but not limited to your academic, social, and interpersonal choices, as well as your identity, background, and life experiences prior to your arrival at Rice.

Who does SSI support?

SSI meets with students of all academic disciplines, from first-year students to seniors. We support students at all stages of their academic career; whether you’re hoping to make an A- and A or feeling overwhelmed with your coursework, we can help!

What happens during an advising appointment?

The first appointment you have with an SSI advisor, the advisor will ask you questions about your experiences and get to know you. When you meet with an SSI advisor, there will be purposeful discussion, and you will leave each meeting with an action item. That might mean trying a new study technique or time management strategy, reflecting on decision-making, or scheduling a meeting with a professor to discuss your grade in the class. In your appointments, you and your advisor will be working to determine, "What are the factors impeding my success at Rice?" We work collaboratively with our students to develop an action plan to tackle those factors.

What types of help does SSI provide?

SSI can help students develop skills in a variety of ways to assist in students’ transition to and experience in college, including:

Effective Learning Strategies: The transition from college to high school is tough, and some of the study strategies students use in high school do not apply to college. We host individual conversations with students to coach them on what strategies to use for each course. We also help students with test anxiety, note-taking, and reading strategies to engage and learn the material.

Time Management: Trying to make time for studying, student organizations, personal life, self-care, sleep, internships and career growth, and a social life? It can be overwhelming. Talk it through with an SSI advisor.

Task Management: If it feels like everything is a priority, thus nothing is a priority. If it feels like the workload keeps building up and you’re unsure where to start. An SSI advisor will collaborate with you to develop a solid plan of attack.

Goal Identifying and Setting: SSI has the expertise to help students identify their goals, create an action plan, and establish accountability to achieve their objectives.

Challenging your Mindset: Our advisors assist students with feeling motivated, overcoming procrastination and perfectionism, and getting to the root of student’s priorities.

Learning to Engage with Faculty: In a collegial environment, faculty are more than experts in their field. They mentor students during office hours and outside of the classroom. SSI advisors encourage self- advocacy and adding a Rice faculty member to your support network.

Building Your Support Network: It takes a village to get through college. We suggest building relationships with peers, your college core team, faculty members, and staff members in different offices. SSI knows how to navigate Rice resources and can assist in helping you solve complex bureaucratic problems.

What is the difference between SSI and tutoring?

Advisors can help you strategize how to tackle a course but may not be able to help you solve a particular problem for your class. However, they will help you develop a strategic study plan that prepares you for the exam.

How do I make an appointment?

You can schedule with any of our advisors on Navigate. Choose the appointment that best resembles your needs and matches your schedule. Can’t find a time that fits your schedule? Check back again soon because we frequently add appointment times or contact us at success@rice.edu. We offer in-person and virtual appointments. We are located in the RMC cloisters.