Our Approach

How does SSI Advising work and what is proactive, holistic advising?

When you meet with your SSI advisor, there will be purposeful discussion and you will leave each meeting with an action item. That might mean trying a new study technique or time management strategy, reflecting on decision-making, or scheduling a meeting with a professor to discuss your grade in the class. In your appointments, you and your advisor will be working to determine, "What are the factors impeding my success at Rice?" and will work collaboratively in developing an action plan to begin tackling those factors. Holistic advising means that your SSI advisor is taking into account all the factors which impact your success as a student, including but not limited to your academic, social, and interpersonal choices as well as your identity, background, and life experiences prior to your arrival at Rice.

Who does SSI support?

SSI meets with students of all academic disciplines, from first year students to seniors.

What types of help does SSI provide?

SSI can help students develop skills in a variety of ways including:

  • Time Management
  • Making the transition to college (academic, social, interpersonal)
  • Learning to Engage with Faculty
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships and Support Networks
  • Cultivating College Level Study Techniques & Test Preparation


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