First Year Programs

Welcome to Rice!

The Office of First Year Programs within Student Success Initiatives is dedicated to supporting the successful orientation and transition of all new students to Rice University. We use the term new students to be inclusive of all incoming students - first time college freshmen, transfer students, and international students.

For most students and families, your introduction to our office will occur with orientation. Whether it is Mid-Year orientation for our Spring Admits or Orientation Week (O-Week) for our fall matriculating class. Our programs will allow students to become acclimated to the intellectual, social, and individual aspects of Rice. You will have the opportunity to interact with current students from your College and from other Colleges. You will also engage with members of Rice's distinguished faculty and staff members available to support you throughout your Rice journey. Orientation is also the time for students to become comfortable with the academic rigors of Rice and to register for courses for their first semester.

We hope to serve as a resource and starting point for all new students at Rice.

Mid-Year Orientation (Spring Admits Only)


UNIV 110