O-Week 2022 Leadership Team

Before, during, and after O-Week, you will get to know and interact with a number of students and professionals who will help with your transition to Rice. Many have put in a great deal of extra time to ensure that your experience at the university is memorable and successful, and they will be available to support you through your time here as well. To help you understand some of the various people you will come into contact with, we have compiled a brief description of a few roles associated with O-Week.

O-Week Coordinators & Student Directors

Serving as student voices in the planning are the campus-wide O-Week Student Directors, Lingkun Guo & Savannah Parrot. Lingkun & Savannah coordinated O-Week 2021 respectively at Brown College and Sid Richardson College. Together, they work with First Year Programs and serve as an excellent resource for the Coordinators, Advisors, and new students. Each College has 3 student leaders assigned to oversee the preparation and execution of O-Week for the College as well as collaborating on certain aspects of the overall experience. These students may have previously served in other O-Week-related capacities and were chosen for their dedication to new students and to Rice University. Additionally, the College teams have a respective O-Week page that you can access by clicking on the College crest and an email account that will allow you to contact them directly by clicking on the College names below.

Baker College crest

Baker College

Paul Filerio

Rafe Hessekiel

Joyce Li

Will Rice College crest

Will Rice College

Parker Beck

Caleb Huang

Zoe Katz

Hanszen College

Hanszen College

Marc Armena

Sarah Eunsu Kim

Arvind Ramesh

Wiess College

Wiess College

Diana Alvarado

Karm Ghei

Mb Usua

Jones College

Jones College

Sarah Birenbaum

Harry Golen

Sofia Roa

Brown College

Brown College

Ashley Duong

Naven Parthasarathy

Carissa Witt

Lovett College

Lovett College

Dania Alqarawi

Brita Faerber

Elysia Wu

Sid Richardson College shield

Sid Richardson College

Kathyrn Phung

Helen Tian

Rebecca Zadeck

Martel College

Martel College

Divyam Bansal

Kayden Brewer

Katelynn Porras

McMurtry College

McMurtry College

James Hwang

Prerna Mohan

Vidal Saenz

Duncan College

Duncan College

Pia Arana

Anthony Insalaco

Mary-Gwen Milburn

O-Week Advisors/Fellows & Co-Advisors/Co-Fellows

During O-Week, new students will be a part of a small group of about 7-10 other new students; the groups are led by teams of Advisors/Fellows and Co-Advisors/Co-Fellows. These students will serve as guides to everything about Rice and your College. Your Advisors/Fellows are students in your home College, and Co-Advisors/Co-Fellows are students from another College.

College Magisters, Resident Associates, & College Coordinators

To provide leadership, guidance and support, each College has an adult team that will become an integral part of your education while at Rice. College Magisters and Resident Associates are members of the faculty or staff that live in or near the College and support the intellectual, cultural and social activities within the College. College Coordinators typically handle a wide-range of responsibilities including administrative needs of the College, maintaining the College's budget, contacting students as needed, and acting as the primary contact between the College and other university offices.


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