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Program Overview 

Owl Access is a college transition program that provides students who identify as first-generation and or/ limited income a head start on college adjustment. This program will also introduce families to our beautiful campus resources and provide the information and tools needed to support their students' success at Rice University.


Owl Access originated from a student-led initiative under the guidance and direction of our Office of Student Success Initiatives and supported by the offices of our President, Provost, and Dean of Undergraduates.

After surveying the Rice FLI community, students were asked what content would have been helpful for them as they transitioned as new students, and the top responses were:

  • Resources on campus
  • Understanding Rice financial aid and student health insurance
  • Peer mentorship from upper-level students students
  • Financial Literacy course 
  • Panels on imposter syndrome and campus culture specific to FLI students
  • Navigating the hidden curriculum
  • Meeting the SSI team
  • Navigating Houston for cheap
  • Mentorship from faculty/staff who were FLI

As such, we helped develop a program that would address these gaps to help our future generation of FLI students.

Program Goals

Owl Access seeks to improve the transition experience of first-generation college students and their families. Our goal is to support first-generation college students by building a network of community members and to encourage the positive self-identification of those who are the first in their families to attend college and students from limited-income communities.  

Program Duration

Owl Access is a 2.5-day pre-matriculation program for FLI students, including a 1.5-day FLI transition program for families. Owl Access participants will move into their residential college between 7:00am-11:00am on August 15th and programming will begin at noon; activities will end the evening of August 17, 2024. The Families Transition program will begin at noon on August 15th and will end at 5:00pm on August 16th.

We are excited to have you all on campus and await your arrival. Please direct any questions or concerns to 



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