Motivation & Procrastination

Learn how automating your motivation, using a calendar, and breaking down goals into smaller tasks helps with motivation.

Why do we procrastinate?

Most people struggle with procrastination at some point in their academic careers. It can be difficult to find the motivation to stick to a routine each day. While this is normal, this mindset to put things off until the last minute can lead to habits that are difficult to break. You may find yourself identifying as a procrastinator and telling yourself that that's just who you are or how are you operate. In reality, there is often an underlying reason why you procrastinate. Take the self-assessment below to discover what type of procrastinator you are.

Discovering Your Procrastination Style

Reflect on your results. You may have one major procrastination style that stands out or you may have a few attributes from each that overlap. Now, let's discuss the small changes you can make to shift this mindset and overcome your tendency to procrastinate.

Overcoming Procrastination - Guidelines for Thinking


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