Budgets, credit, investing, loans, and debt are just a few aspects of financial literacy. Money talk can be confusing, complex, and for some people – something they want to avoid. It is important to understand the basics of financial literacy as you make decisions as college students and beyond.

Everyone enters college with varying levels of understanding in relation to money matters. No matter where you start off, continue to ask questions, do your own research, and learn more. Set small goals for yourself along the way – such as starting to build a solid credit score or wanting to set aside $100 in your emergency savings.

This resource contains a high level overview of many popular topics to aid in your journey of financial wellness. There are tons of excellent resources on the internet to further your understanding paired with experience.

Financial need is an often-avoided topic, but a common struggle when it comes to financial wellness. Life can come at you fast and present you with unexpected, but necessary costs. Financial preparation (such as emergency funds or budgets) can help shield against some of this and other times you need additional support. Know that there are resources to support you at Rice, including the Residential College Accessibility Fund, the Rice Access & Opportunity Portal (AOP), and Dean of Undergraduates Emergency Funding.


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