About Us


Our Purpose:

The Office of Student Success Initiatives (SSI) engages and supports Rice undergraduate students employing proactive advising and other high engagement strategies to facilitate students’ successful transition, retention and graduation from the university. 

Our Approach:

SSI provides comprehensive services aimed at developing the whole student by addressing his/her social, emotional, transitional, and academic concerns and recognizing the impact each of these areas can have on a student’s transition, persistence, and retention.

Our Programs:

 SSI can help students develop skills in a variety of ways including:

  • Time Management
  • Making the transition to college (academic, social, interpersonal)
  • Learning to Engage with Faculty
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships and Support Networks
  • Cultivating College Level Study Techniques & Test Preparation

 Our proactive advising allows for collaboration with other campus partners as needed by students.


Let us help you make the most of this important journey!


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